Design Services

FPE design staffs a highly experienced and skilled team of Industrial Designers of Transportation design, Product design, and Graphic design. With their experiences and skill sets comes a strong design and process development language to facilitate, create, and deliver on a global platform distinctive aesthetic surface finishes and components into series production programs. Imagination, innovation, technology and collaboration are at the core of our efforts with inspiration deriving from what we see and how we feel through a vastitude of interactions and holistic conections with our clients and consumers. The cross link to our sister companies; Ennovea, Marion Industries and Auld Technologies, offers unique strategic solutions to product development and processes.

Designs originate from inspired concepts sketched out in pencil, to computer aided renderings and finished 3D prototypes. Once the design intent is accepted and approved by the OEM designer, we work with process control to transfer, through a well-established bridge, the design intent to manufacturing. This ensures that the mastering of the design process approved conincides aesthetically, chemically, and cohesively to the form it is being applied to.

Our designers offer OEM studio visits to share innovations and ideas, as well as offer our clients a unique environment and resource center at our corporate headquarters, for collaboration within a well maintained display and studio work area. This makes for an excellent starting point for design discussions and presentations. We have the same goals as our clients and model ourselves after the OEM studio working methods and time lines. By modeling ourselves after the OEM studio methods, we constantly look to develop and adopt new application processes to bring value to your business.

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